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NJ House Raising

If you are seeking out a NJ House Raising professional, then look no further than Structural Solutions of NJ.  Structural Solutions is the only true turn-key provider of house raising in NJ.Structural Solutions is a company with its’ roots in the house moving business. They’ve been moving houses in NJ long before Hurricane Sandy spawned an influx of New Jersey house raising companies. If you have a need for a house mover NJ, they still offer these services.

Home Elevation Contractor NJ

Not only do they have a proven track record in the house moving industry, but their company is a registered home elevation contractor NJ.  What does this mean for you?  You have the peace of mind in  knowing they meet stringent guidelines set forth by the state to obtain this registration.

  • They have 5+ years in the home elevation field
  • They carry at least $1 million coverage for general liability, and additionally carry $500,000 to insure the contents of any home being raised.
  • They utilize a jacking system capable of lifting an entire home at once.

Their NJ home elevation contractor registration number is HEC 13HE00000900.

RREM Contractor

Structural Solutions of NJ is also a RREM contractor (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation).

RREM is a federal program designed to help families affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Homeowners can receive up to $150,000 under the program.  In order to work as a RREM contractor, Structural Solutions must adhere to a specific set of guidelines outlined by the RREM program.